November 21, 2010


Mariatorget is a small city park in Södermalm. The place was created in the end of the 1760s. The place has the size of 140 x 80 m, of which the park takes 130 x 60 m.

At the beginning, the square was named Adolf Frederiks Torg after King Adolf Friedrich.
Until 1905 there was a market place.
In 1959 it was renamed to avoid confusion with Adolf Fredrikskyrkan, the suggestion came 1923.
The new name refers to Mariakyrka.

The park is surrounded on all sides of buildings, such as cafes and restaurants.

North passes the Hornsgatan
and south the St. Paulsgatan. The Swedenborgsgatan, named after Emanuel Swedenborg, begins there and runs south.

At the south end of the
square stands the St. Paul's Kyrkan, the oldest Methodist movement in Sweden.
In the park
stands a bust of Swedenborg and at the southern end copies of the statues "Tjusningen" and "Snöklockan" by Gustav Nordahl.

The fountain in the middle of the square is adorned by the sculpture "Torsfiske" by Anders Henrik Wissler, which was established in 1903 and which shows the Scandinavian god Thor when he killed the sea serpent Jörmungandr.

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